A Day at the Zoo

A photo montage by me that includes a visit to the Butterfly Room and Bugs of the Rain Forest busily making sure their species carries on.


There's a Mullet on Them There Stairs

UPDATE: Note the fact that I put this up a day early. Note the fact that this lovely weather has distracted me just a touch. Note the fact that I didn't notice 'til Sunday afternoon.


Lost and Found

"If I am right - and I don't have absolute proof, but I completely believe in my theory - then Balthazar Bourbon would be the eldest in the line," says Prince Michael of Greece, cousin of Prince Philip. And he is referring to the royal line of Bourbons of France,

What's this?

A dauphin lives?



It's Balthazar Napoleon de Bourbon, lawyer and part-time farmer who lives in the the Bhopal suburbs of India.

Always fascinated by France, decorating his him with framed photos of the Eiffel Tower and the palace of Versailles, even giving his children French names even though he has never set foot in France, de Bourbon love of all things francophile seems to stem from genetics.

Balthazar Napoleon de Bourbon, father-of-three and all around good guy, is being feted as the long-lost descendant of the Bourbon kings who ruled France from the 16th century to the French revolution.

A possible distant cousin of Louis XVI (whose execution brought about the end of absolute monarchy in the France) and Marie Antoinette, he is alleged to be related to the current Bourbon king of Spain and the Bourbon descendants in France. Yet he may have a stronger claim to French crown.

"This is the cherry on the cake. Mr Bourbon is head of a decent, dignified, middle-class Indian family. They look so Indian and yet bear this name. When you look at them, it seems incredible. The more unbelievable it is, the more I believe in it."

Mr Bourbon, 48, said he would be glad to take a DNA test, but remained stoical about the "hypothetical question" of whether he was heir to the throne. Conscious of the bloody outcome for royals in France, he felt royal status could bring "trouble", not to mention questions from skeptical historians.

He has long had a brass plaque that reads "House of Bourbon" with the fleur-de-lis crest of the French monarchy above his front door.

His wife runs the neighbouring school for local children, called the Bourbon school.

The family is Catholic and keeps Bourbon relics, including a sword, in their home.

"From the day I was born, I was made to understand that I belonged to the family of the Bourbons," he said. "I may be from a royal family but I live my life as a commoner. I didn't have time to learn French as a teenager because my father's death meant I had to work to look after my mother and sisters. Life has been very tough for me. I don't know if any of this will change my life. The fact is, we've been having visitors from England, France and across Europe for years, curious about our family name. All these travellers, all this publicity, but nothing has happened yet. So how can I believe that something will change now?"

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Too Little, Too Late



Me, of late. Much, too much going on.

This has made me miss some deadlines, forget to get back to people and made me into, really, just a spaz.

I'm playing catch up in my slow, well-intentioned, haphazard way. If I've forgetten something, tell me.

Yell at me.

Chastise me.

Make feel guilty.

My brain needs jostling and my heart needs attention.

Thank you for your support.

Ok, Jen Want This

Because I can't have the Batmobile (sad me), I've decided I want (no, need) this for Christmas:

"Barbie doll has a dog named Tanner who is just like a real dog! Tanner is soft and fuzzy and her mouth, ears, head and tail really move! You can open Tanner dog's mouth and ?feed? her dog biscuits. Comes with a dog bone and chew toys that Tanner can hold in her mouth, too. When Tanner has to go to the bathroom, Barbie doll cleans up with her special magnetic scooper and trash can. Pose-able Barbie doll included."

If you don't care for dogs, cats are readily available.

Beauty to the Front...

...weird ass mullet to the back.