I'll get a broom and a dustpan.


Station to Station

Took an unexpected jaunt to Holy Hill (and it's fascinating history, some of it rather recent) in the midst of the Kettle Moraine. Climbed the 178 steps to the top of the tower after listening to a French nun sing in the chapel. Was blessed by a Carmelite Friar. Drank Holy Water from the Holy Spigot in the Holy Grotto. Was not struck dead.*

The area itself was carved out by ancient glaciers and is now hilly, heavily forested and lovely. Turning into the driveway of the grounds, we turned down out previously cranked Bob Marely and were enveloped in the spell of stillness and serenity the place seems steeped in.

People from around the world visited the stations and chapels adding to the sanctified aura as we hiked. This place has been considered holy since the native tribes that worshiped on its grounds and seems to grant peace to all that enter.

*In fact, left grinning and utterly renewed.

Take it Lightly

"It is truly strange how long it takes to get to know oneself. I am now sixty-two years old, yet just one moment ago I realised that I love lightly toasted bread. Simultaneously, I also realised that I loath bread when it is heavily toasted. For over sixty years, and quite unconsciously, I have been experiencing inner joy or total despair at my relationship with grilled bread."

Ludwig Wittgenstein. Cambridge, 27 April 1951



From the Milk Machine

Ian Huebert


A medical student plays with electric shock equipment as Dr. Eugene Krohn, sitting at his desk with his feet up, looks on. This is a carefully posed photograph of uncertain but probably humorous meaning.

Jackson County, Wisconsin

1880s, photographer Charles Van Schaick


despite war

Palestenian girl recites Qura'an verses in a mosque at Gaza City, Gaza Strip, on 24 June 2009.

Photograph by Eman Mohamed, a Jordanian/Palestinian photo journalist who has been in Gaza since 2006.


What's really going to get your ticker going?

"See, if I had a church I would have Robert Singing. I'd, like, have the most well attended church there ever was..."