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For Your Imbibing Pleasure...

...Meat Water.

Available in:

* Beef Jerky
* Beef Stroganof
* Cheese Burger
* Chicken Teriyaki
* Dirty Hot Dog
* Fish'n Chips
* Hungarian Gulash
* Italian Sausage
* Peking Duck
* Tandoori Chicken
* Texas BBQ
* Wiener Schnitzel

thank you presurfer!

Spring Break Mullet?

Not really.

More just a bad mullet and a truly horrible shirt.


Ripped From the Headlines!

From the Liverpool Echo's Dawn Collinson:

IF you’re wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you're halfway there to turning heads.

"Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson who was born on March 29, 1964

THE Queen Mother (pictured) died in her sleep aged 101 on March 30, 2002.

The Queen was at her mother’s bedside when she passed away at 3.15pm at the Royal Lodge, Windsor.

News of her death was announced by Buckingham Palace around two-and-a-half hours later.

Prince Charles, who was particularly close to his grandmother, was described as “completely devastated” and was returning early from a skiing holiday in Switzerland with his sons Princes William and Harry."

The article ends with discussion of running in the rain during the first ever London Marathon, most likely the point all along.



That's the Point

"I was shocked, the animal clearly wanted to kill me. One minute I was leaning over the boat teasing it for a picture," said Novon Mashiah almost a self created photo op on a river east of Darwin, Australia went awry.

"The next minute it burst out of the water with incredible speed ... its jaws fully open. I jumped back and the croc landed on the boat and then slapped into the water. I was shaking. I was pointing at it when it suddenly jumped up at me. I didn't realise that crocs were so aggressive."

And kids? Don't mess with whales when you're in a kayak, either.

You Must Be a Dying Star

NGC 2371, a planetary nebula, is the glowing remains of a Sun-like star. Visible NGC 2371 (4,300 light-years away in the constellation Gemini.) is the super-hot core of former a red giant, now stripped of its outer layers. Surface temperature is a 240,000 degrees Fahrenheit. N


Muppet Clockwork Orange

From Truckbearingkibble:
From Truckbearingkibble:

Hoovering After Hours

Security guards must spend many hours wandering there posts, bored bored bored. But every now and again, the pendulum swings quite far in the other direction.

In this story, our friendly neighborhood security guard was making the rounds at the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The administration offices are being refurbished and it isn't uncommon to come upon a worker staying a bit late.

But what our guard found was quite unique.

A man, the building contractor, was naked on his knees in the hospital's staff canteen. And he wasn't alone. With him? Henry Hoover, the friendly neighborhood vacuum cleaner.

The contractor claimed he was cleaning his underpants.

When later questioned by his employers, the man said he was vacuuming his underpants, which was "a common practice in Poland".

He has since been fired.