Word of the Day

Tittup (n. or v.)

caper or prance; to move in a lively way

"Well," he says, "it's not much of a place for a tittup. There are one or two jolly old cockalorums there, and, when the season's on, you can go on the scoop in the way of a music-caper, or a hop, and you can get rid of the stuff there as well as anywhere."

- Francis Cowley Burnand

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From Sexy People

Crawling Inside Another For Keeps

To understand any living thing, you must, 

so to say, 

creep within and feel the beating of its heart. 

W. Macneile Dixon

The Brightest Jewel of All

Can be your lips.  Please apply carefully.


Starfish Orgy

A Monday Mullet Montage


The Old Bamboo

It got a bunch of gorillas quite drunk.

"...He tried to get up to see us and fell straight back. He then rolled on the ground, playing with his feet and looking not quite in control. His expression was priceless"

The next day, seemingly quite hungover...


The Love Rug

Please do check out the ad copy. Marketing gold!

If I had my proverbial shit together,
this site would be copyranter, from whence I yonked this image.

If you're now under the spell of a certain 70's sexy man in a 'fro, it is Randy West, star of such films as Up and Cummers and He Eats First. 


Downed by inflamed nasal passages, my desire to do cyber anything has been diminished. My desire to watch hours of television whilst sipping tea is immense. My apologies.

If you have some free time, feel free to drop by, crawl under my special fuzzy green blanket and watch 10 episodes of NCIS with me. We can bond over sodden tissues and funny nasal impressions of reality stars.


Hey, do you have an odd version of "Love Gun" playing in your head, too?

Owen Rocks!

Ted is on his way to save you.

Retro Multi-mullet