The Love Rug

Please do check out the ad copy. Marketing gold!

If I had my proverbial shit together,
this site would be copyranter, from whence I yonked this image.

If you're now under the spell of a certain 70's sexy man in a 'fro, it is Randy West, star of such films as Up and Cummers and He Eats First. 


Downed by inflamed nasal passages, my desire to do cyber anything has been diminished. My desire to watch hours of television whilst sipping tea is immense. My apologies.

If you have some free time, feel free to drop by, crawl under my special fuzzy green blanket and watch 10 episodes of NCIS with me. We can bond over sodden tissues and funny nasal impressions of reality stars.


Hey, do you have an odd version of "Love Gun" playing in your head, too?


Anonymous said...

I think I'll pass as I've had enough of tissues and inflamed sinuses this past week.

But I'll be thinking of you when I watch Battlestar Galactica Saturday morning.

norby said...

Gibbs can heal inflamed sinuses just by looking at you...

Jen Jordan said...

This is the first time I've really liked Mark Harmon in a role. And I adore the man who plays Duckie...

Anonymous said...

Make mine Lynx, please!

Scott P.

hangarwest said...

Y'know, I would take up that offer to crawl under the blanket with you but you won't give me the time of the day!!!