Football vs Handegg

Orla the Otter Tours Scotland

Found on the side of the road by a postman, Orla travelled to a car show before making her way to Arthurshiel.

Kenny Wilson found the cub nearly frozen on the side of the road. After a meal of kitten milk fed through ball point pen, and later a bit of crushed chicken, Orla settled into the Wilson's cat bed (the cat was out carousing) for the night.

The cub is doing well and "she is going through about £15 worth of salmon each day," according to Shona Middlemas of the rescue center.


"I want to run naked through your underwear."

Red Dwarf is, dare I type it, coming back to Earth! 

The two-part series Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, will kick start a Red Dwarf Easter weekend from Good Friday on TV channel Dave.

This will be followed by Red Dwarf: Unplugged, a "no holds barred" episode with no sets, no effects - and no autocue.

The weekend will climax with Red Dwarf: the Making of Back to Earth, a behind-the-scenes special from the new production.

Smeg Ups from Season VI for those who need a dose of Lister.

Normalizing Self Narration

This has helped me immensely when on my own with only cyber company for far too long.

And now a photo of something irrelevant. 

(Jen exits, stage left, promptly tripping on the bucket of confetti set out for the next act.)

Guinness is Good for You


Bili Flies to Frankfurt

Bili the baby Bonobo is on his way to Frankfurt Zoo and a new mom. After being rejected by his own mother at the Twycross Zoo in Liecastershire (he was her first born and she was quite inexperienced), Bili was reluctantly taken from her and hand fed by the staff every two hours. 

His new mom will carry her with him (after having been trained to do so) and will take Bili to staff when he needs to be fed. He spent a few days getting to know his travelling companion and then set off for his life changing journey.

If you enjoy these fascinating primates as much as I do, you will dearly enjoy Bonobo Handshake and will want to visit the Bonobo Initiative. There is an article from the Smithsonian called The Smart and Swinging Bonobo and any link you could possibly want at The Bonobo Switchboard.


For No Damn Reason

"We will restore science to its rightful place."

Paint me jaw agape. And listing, somewhat. And a bit tired.

Marty Kaplan (Huffington Post) wrote a lovely piece on the line from Obama's inaugural speech that pleased and surprised the hell out of me.

I watched like a giddy school girl with a brain crush through the entire affair, only going to bed when gravity dictated.

He says things that I didn't think a politician would have the balls to say and having attended so many of aforementioned in one night, the man is an expert.

From the Independent.

Jen's Week So far


Let Them Noise Upon You

Apollo Sunshine

I am I

This is what I believe:
That I am I.
That my soul is a dark forest.
That my known self will never be more than a little clearing in the forest.
That gods, strange gods, come forth from the forest into the clearing of my known self, and then go back.
That I must have the courage to let them come and go.
That I will never let mankind put anything over me, but that I will try always to recognize and submit to the gods in me
and the gods in other men and women.

- - D.H. Lawrence

Kid Friendly

Road Conditions: Undulating


Today's Featured Word on Urban Dictionary


When you're in the kitchen going around in circles because you can't remember what you were doing there.

I was in the kitchen this morning walking around in circles wondering what the hell I was looking for when the microwave beeped reminding me I was heating up my cup of coffee. My Kitchenheimer's is getting worse!

Cat Hell, Episode One

Jen slowly emerges from a blissful sleep to realize that a large cat has made a happy bed on her very full bladder. She is loathe to leave the warmth and peace as she shrugs the furry behemoth off. But her peace is shattered with the lamp across the room as it and her hopes of sleeping in hit the floor. 

If the cats hadn't taken to using her cellphone as a toy, leaving it in some kitty oblivion and watching in droll amusement as the "she feeds us"human moves furniture all over the house in a pointless search for it, she too would be amused.

Instead, she is up too early, stumbling down a hall surrounded by plush tails held high in anticipation of morning food. The cats wait eagerly to see if she will discover the cold puke in the kitchen with her bare foot.



Life happened. Will try to update tomorrow. 

Deeply sorry.


Far too much of it at once.