Using His Head


UPDATE: The word "evacuation" has put one of many shit Rod Stewart song's into my head. Definitely puts a different spin on it....


Jen Yap

I do all the time but this time it was documented at Chatterific, thanks to the omnipresent Gerald So.

It occurred to me after reading the transcript, and I related this to my sister, that I analyze books and writing the same way I do relationships.

Which is odd and disturbing. I have to think about that.

Oh, and the almost painfully lovely Laura Benedict loved EXPLETIVE DELETED.

Still working on SLOPPY SECONDS and damned if Simon Wood has made me blush with his entry.

I have included a random odd photo for no damned reason at all.

Girl Power


My Ass Has Been Tagged

Thanks to the lovely, beguiling and fierce Nathan, I am to list 7 (or 8) random facts about myself and then tag another helpless blogger type.

1. I slept with a teddy bear, named Trug, until I was 28.

2. When I was 6, we had a tornado warning at my family abode. My Mom shuttled us down into the basement as my Dad went outside to watch the storm blow in. Oh, how I wanted to be with my Dad watching the cloud speed in with all their doomy dark electric clouds! As I sat huddled in the basement (the maroon room my Mom kept all her canning that my Dad wouldn't eat), in my mind the image of tornadoes played in my head. Except these weren't funnels. In my mind they were "Killer Tomatoes", large, angry tomatoes with sharp knives running about on thin black legs. I was pretty damned terrified. But I still wanted to be with my Dad.

3. Macaroni and Cheese is repulsive to me.

4. You guys know I was on a train that had it's engine catch on fire, right?

5. I've done yoga for 24 years. My favorite position - The Cobra. Simple and amazing....

6. Summers are spent landscaping (and getting paid for it!) and I sport massive bruises and scratches until mid-October.

7. I rock. Always have ( I mean, in utero). I did give up the head banging. We're all thankful for that.

8. THE KILLING JAR by Nicola Monaghan trips the dark fantastic.

Oh, hell. I have to tag someone. HA! My dear brother, Jon, the Hobbit Footed layout master.

Danger, Will Robinsons

Not a Good Time to Let the Dog Out


Super Happy

Crayola is rolling out some old colors with new names.

Kid names.

Made up by more than 20,000 kids who picked the names in an online poll.

Here are some old names followed the new:

Laser lemon is now Super happy

Wild tangerine is now Fun in the sun

Screamin' green is now Giving tree

Beaver is now Bear hug

Turquoise blue is now Happy ever after

Hot magenta is now Famous

Orchid is now Best friends

Wild watermelon is now Awesome

Here is a journalist's take on the fun and frolics. It's what happens when someone get paid by the word.