Super Happy

Crayola is rolling out some old colors with new names.

Kid names.

Made up by more than 20,000 kids who picked the names in an online poll.

Here are some old names followed the new:

Laser lemon is now Super happy

Wild tangerine is now Fun in the sun

Screamin' green is now Giving tree

Beaver is now Bear hug

Turquoise blue is now Happy ever after

Hot magenta is now Famous

Orchid is now Best friends

Wild watermelon is now Awesome

Here is a journalist's take on the fun and frolics. It's what happens when someone get paid by the word.


norby said...

A few things:

a) there was a crayon color called Beaver? Am I the only filthy minded person who finds that odd?

b) I think that adults had a little more to do with the naming and explanations behind the new color choices.

c) I love crayons!!! Coloring is a great stress reliever, maybe it's just the link to childhood, I don't know what it is, but I find it very relaxing.

Diane said...

re: crayon called Beaver - Sadly norb, you are not. I was gonna make a joke about some white man in a tie sitting at his desk, thinking, "This is gonna be hilarious! Kids are gonna be asking each other if they can use the other one's beaver. HA!"

But perhaps that's in bad taste...

Anonymous said...

Sharing Beaver--either Utopia or the demise of Civilization.