As opposed the the run of the mill asshole

"If you’re sitting at home in your undershirt, watching TV, worried about terrorism, and at the same time objecting to the person who’s putting their life on the line so that your family will be protected, then you’re the worst kind of fucking asshole there is."

Seth MacFarlane on people who are against gays in the military


And I Still Miss Someone

I waited month after month to hear from you. Even if I had not been waiting but had shut doors against you, you should have remembered that no one can possibly shut the doors against love for ever…There is no prison in any world into which love cannot force an entrance.
— De Profundis, Oscar Wilde


To: jen4@crimespreemag.com
Sent: Wed, April 21, 2010 10:16:29 AM
Subject: Fuck Noir

When an author has to use obscenities in her book title to get readers' attention, one really has to question how good or compelling the stories are going to be.

My guess would be, not to expect too much.

My response:

The two anthologies, titled UNCAGE ME and EXPLETIVE DELETED, contain what I consider to be extremely well written stories. If you made your judgement without having read any of them then I would agree that these books are not for you.


A Correspondence of Minds

In my meanderings across the vast web of internetocity, I come across the weird, the wonderful and the inspiring. Quite often I find a site so chock full of all three that I am compelled by the Spirit of Blog to share it.

Today I found Letters of Note and I link specifically to Burroughs has gone insane.

Must add a link to a letter Marlon Brando wrote to Tennesee Williams - "You wrote your funky ass off."

Found on Uncertain Times which is like visiting the inside of my mind but not as squishy.


Luis Beltran


Yeah, Hevisaurus!

Rather Pleasant Mullet