Stop, I Say!

Loud-speaker: ...Stop the carriage!...Stop it!...Do you hear what I'm saying!?

Bystander: Are they gonna shoot?


Splish Splash

My cousin is visiting with her kids and the house is vibrantly alive.

Cole, five, is taking a bath after a hard day of running around like a maniac.

We have one of a number of interesting conversations.


"Yes, sir?"

"Come here!"

I did.

"See if you can hear this..."

Cole ducked his head under water then came back up.

"Did you hear that?"


He giggles.

"I was screaming!"




Lightning zapped my computer, frying the Ethernet card, a few days ago. Took this opportunity of being off-line to clean the house like a mad woman, smash things, document cloud patterns and upgrading this poor little beast that holds my life in its circuits.

Oh, how I missed her.


Decked Out

A man.

A quick naked dip in the sea.

A wooden deck chair.

Mario Visnjic was relaxing after his cooling swim as he lounged in the chair. Unfortunately, his testicles had shrunk whilst he swam. They slipped through the wooden slats of the deckchair without his knowledge.

As the lay sun warmed him and his testicles, they expanded back to normal size. It is then that they became stuck between the slats.

Mario was eventually freed after a call to beach maintenance services. They sent a member of staff to cut the deck chair in half.

Bad chair!

The Red Necked

Red Neck Shopper Quote

Red Neck Barbecue

Red Neck Palm Pilot

Red Neck Houseboat

Red Neck Hot Tub

Red Neck Horseshoes

Red Neck Swing

Red Neck Wedding Cake