Splish Splash

My cousin is visiting with her kids and the house is vibrantly alive.

Cole, five, is taking a bath after a hard day of running around like a maniac.

We have one of a number of interesting conversations.


"Yes, sir?"

"Come here!"

I did.

"See if you can hear this..."

Cole ducked his head under water then came back up.

"Did you hear that?"


He giggles.

"I was screaming!"


Anonymous said...


Showed my nine year old something on the site recently, and we scrolled down to look at some other things. I said "this is my friend Jen's site," and she said "I knew that, because of the mullets and the cute animals."

Scott P.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Now I know where to go for screaming.

Jen Jordan said...

Me, too! Amazingly effective!

After his bath, he stood in my door naked and yapped at me. I turned away and started giggling when his sister entered the room.

"Cole, no one wants to see that."

"Really?" Cole said. "I think I look excellent!"