Bili Flies to Frankfurt

Bili the baby Bonobo is on his way to Frankfurt Zoo and a new mom. After being rejected by his own mother at the Twycross Zoo in Liecastershire (he was her first born and she was quite inexperienced), Bili was reluctantly taken from her and hand fed by the staff every two hours. 

His new mom will carry her with him (after having been trained to do so) and will take Bili to staff when he needs to be fed. He spent a few days getting to know his travelling companion and then set off for his life changing journey.

If you enjoy these fascinating primates as much as I do, you will dearly enjoy Bonobo Handshake and will want to visit the Bonobo Initiative. There is an article from the Smithsonian called The Smart and Swinging Bonobo and any link you could possibly want at The Bonobo Switchboard.

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