Cat Hell, Episode One

Jen slowly emerges from a blissful sleep to realize that a large cat has made a happy bed on her very full bladder. She is loathe to leave the warmth and peace as she shrugs the furry behemoth off. But her peace is shattered with the lamp across the room as it and her hopes of sleeping in hit the floor. 

If the cats hadn't taken to using her cellphone as a toy, leaving it in some kitty oblivion and watching in droll amusement as the "she feeds us"human moves furniture all over the house in a pointless search for it, she too would be amused.

Instead, she is up too early, stumbling down a hall surrounded by plush tails held high in anticipation of morning food. The cats wait eagerly to see if she will discover the cold puke in the kitchen with her bare foot.

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