Mixed Bag

As a news junkie, there is a roller coaster ride of stories to be culled from the internet every morning that can set the mood for the day. Indignant is a common mood after the morning news feast. Fucking pissed is another. Occasionally some random human does something extraordinary for another and my hope for humanity is rekindled. For a while.

After finally finishing a biography of Lucrezia Borgia by Sarah Bradford (oh, that golden-tressed woman was misunderstood by history), I felt ready for anything the world had to hand me.

May I just say, HA!

Huckabee, trailing behind the perma-grimmed Guilianni in the polls, has moved us past his comments on those vicious need to be put on their own island gays to the state of all other sacks of skin inhabiting this land of faux-Freedom. Quoth the Huckster: "The reason we have so much government is because we have so much broken humanity. And the reason we have so much broken humanity is because sin reigns in the hearts and lives of human beings instead of the Savior." God knows Huck can turn a check to the most heinous behavior. He really inspires me to turn the other cheek.

In other news, Scooter Libby has given up his appeal in his CIA leak case involving perjury and obstruction. His sentence had been commuted but the Scootster was shooting for innocence in the eyes of the justice system. Nobody was ever blamed or held responsible for the actual leak once Libby took the fall. That's justice American style!

Fans of reality tv have got to be over the moon that the Writer's strike has effectively re-zoned every show on every channel to a slice of idiocy, unscripted. If we weren't doomed before, we are now. This is the Seventh Sign. And this the Eighth. A report that Letterman reruns are doing better than Leno reruns.

American news sources seem to assume that we assume that the only news beyond our borders involves everyone in the Middle East are still blowing us up and that the rest is much less important than, say, various B-list celebrities and soft news stories involving parrots.

Amusing to me is the story of a nun standing in front of an assembly of students reciting a list of cuss words they are not allowed to use.

I have not yet stumbled across a story that warms my heart the way the last day of school did when I was a wee, self-righteous student ass myself. But I shall keep my eyes peeled, as that lovely sentiment goes.

Back to a day of caffeine-induced floor mopping whilst blasting NoFX (thanks, Ben).

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