Flippity Flop

Time until I board a cramped plane, sit for hours and then unload myself into Baltimore for almost a week of chaos and frivolity is mere weeks away. Yet, I am distracted.

Mostly, by the image to the left.

Removal of unwanted, "weird" spiderwort from a garden bed (I get paid to do this) caused a swarm of yellow jackets to envelope me and a co-worker despite our running away and screaming.

She got them stuck in her shirt. My crew stung my left arm and got stuck in my hair. They buzzed and stung until my sister donned gloves and pulled them out. Um, ow.

Here is my arm after the first days swelling, to the right.

At it's peak, 5 1/2 inches of my arm was angry, burning sting ring. Oh, and let me also mentioned how goddamned itchy an itch can be when scritched from a bitch of a bee.

Then, um, my internets went down for a while. It was rather blissful, really. No emails. No frantic political news. No impossible attempts to keep up with everyone's blogs. Instead, I read, watched the first season of Dark Angel and cleaned. Oh, the unmitigated joy!

I await a torrential downpour with a light heart and a receding sting ring....


Bill Crider said...

You don't get paid enough.

Jen Jordan said...

But, but, but....

I get to be outside!

With nature!