"I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world." — Walt Whitman

"I always like to tell this story: I was fucking Christian Bale, Batman, up the arse on a rooftop in King’s Cross and the crew was filming from another rooftop on the adjacent building. I hadn’t done gay penetrative sex, this was my first shot at it, so I’m standing behind Christian’s big naked back, going, “Wow, this is so… Peculiar.” So I start, you know, pumping away slowly and I start to go more like a bunny rabbit, then like a Jack Russell. And I put my head to the side of his head, away from the camera, and I say, “I’m sure I’d have come by now. I’m going to have a look,” and I glanced back and I saw the crew packing up and walking away! I think Todd [Haynes] had been so respectful of us that he hadn’t wanted to interrupt us by saying, “Cut”… Or we didn’t hear “Cut”. It was very funny. Christian’s never written to me… He never phones any more… It’s really upsetting."

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