Living on Wheels

Fiscally quite screwed, I'd often said I'd end up living in the back up of my pick-up truck. No van down by the river for me!

Deciding to see how viable that really was, I discovered that many people already are living that way. Many families already are. Some in major cities.

Most convert the truck with camper kits or self-made campers you can get plans for or you can come up with your own. This certainly increases the amount of room and, in my case, the amount of books I could have with me.

But some manage with tents, retreating to the cab of the truck when the weather become untenable. Thought I'd say "untentable," didn't you?

The advantages of moving south when it's cold may sway  those who have to learn to live with a lot less.

And moving on to where the dumpster diving brings glory and food for the table. A redolent night for all. Kick back from the wheel well and you are at your ease.

How can anyone live in that small a space? There are some ways of expanding it.

This gentleman's idea is brilliant as well as aesthetically pleasing. Plans here.

And there is a walk-in door truck cap that provides easy access to your on wheels abode.

It can be amended to include a tent that doubles your living space in whatever place your are currently calling home.

Problematic are:

1. Most cities/states have laws against living in your vehicle. Perhaps this will change as more and more people lose their homes. For many, paying rent and trying to pay down debt (student loan/credit cards) is overwhelming. I've little doubt that homelessness will be a growing issue in the years to come.

2. Where do you do your doo doo?  If you build a camper onto your truck, it will be more of a matter of gray and black water disposal. Camping sites will let you dump your dump for a small fee. Otherwise, paying for overpriced java to earn you a visit to the porcelain goddess.

3. Showering. This was a sticky point for me. I like being clean. Being ridiculously filthy doing whatever one is doing is fine. But one must be clean after. There are camping sites and many truck stops have showers for rent.

4. Safety issues. Especially for women, living on the road can be a dangerous proposition. And there is no shortage of weapons to chose from as protection. Stun guns, pepper spray, etc. But laws very from state to state. 

5. Mail can be as easy as having friends collect it all for you or renting a mail box from UPS or USPS. Since most  bills can be paid online, life on the road is easier than it was years ago.

The rules of the road are covered very well here.

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