Prog Rock Mullet

Driving home today when the Overture from Rush's 2112 came on the radio (yes, I still listen to the radio. The Big Brown Bomber truck is not the type to host new fangled technology). I was transported in time and found myself singing, badly, with the entire thing.

Upon my return home, I cranked it on Yahoo Jukebox.


Neil Peart my well be one of the best drummers ever.

In all of history.

In the entire universe.

But what stands out the most is Geddy Lee's vocals. They're almost painful. When I was a little goofy girl listening to this through the walls from my brothers room, the song Tears made me cry little girl tears.

My attempts to sing with Geddy as I drove led me to a sore throat and great respect. And that man has been known to sport a helluva mullet.


Ali Karim said...

He Jen4

Something that I don't admit in public is that I too was a RUSH fan, and played 2112 until my parents threatened to conficate the album.

Closer to the heart


JD Rhoades said...

Still a Rush fan, and proud of it. But yeas, Lee's vocals are occasionally painful. His range has dropped a bit in recent years.

Ben from Bleak House said...

"You ... you've got a mullet. And no teeth. And you've got a mullet."

Graham said...

I always liked Stuart Copeland better.