Extra: Greedy Ass Report

It bonus time in corporate American and we are about to see where that bail out is going to take us.

The first ass I've bothered to report on: John Thain of Merrill Lynch. His company was on the conveyor belt heading for bankruptcy right after Lehman Brothers. But John has asked his beleaguered company for a $10,000,000 dollar bonus. Because he's just that damn cool (insiders say he felt that without his guidance the company "could have done worse."

More surely to be added to this last in the weeks to come. As I bother to report them.


The Nag said...

I can't control my murderous thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Could've thought about that when you decided to hold Bouchercon at a big, anti-union corporate-owned hotel (and ignored the union's invitation to talk altogether)

Ali Karim said...

Dear Anon -

It might be nice to not hide behind that Mullet


Anonymous said...

What a great comeback. I guess that refutes my previous post completely. Now I'll have to keep hiding behind my mullet.

Anonymous said...

to anon

stop whinning.

hangarwest said...

I say let them go "Belly Up'' and live in their cars!!!