Some Freeness in These Trying Times

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Anonymous said...

That's a gift and a half. When's the next edition available???

Anonymous said...

Wow. WOW!

--quoth a fan

Steven T. said...

What anonymous said. Stellar lineup...and me.

Jen Jordan said...

This is the correct and official Jen Knows What She's Doing List:
July. In it shall be:

Pierce Hansen
Evan Kilgore
Tim Maleeny
Nick Stone
Simon Kernick
Christa Faust
Victor Gischler
Stephen Blackmore
Blake Crouch
Declan Burke
Gregg Hurwitz
Brian Azzarello
Simon Wood
Steven Torres
Allan Guthrie
Martyn Waites
Bryon Quertermous
J.D. Rhoades
Stuart MacBride
Patrick Bagley
Scott Phillips
Greg Bardslely
Joe Konrath
Maxim Jakubowski
Talia Berliner

Talia Berliner said...
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Talia Berliner said...

What a thrill to be part of such an illustrious group!