X-Rated Mullet Action


Sean Chercover said...

Mmmm, naked woman.

Oh, wait... was there a mullet in that photo? I'll have to go back and look again.

nathan s said...

You know what's great about naked women? The nakedness. That's my position, and I stand by it.

AON, the dude in that pic looks like a total choad.

AON part 2, my verification word is "squis." The truth lies there somewhere.

Jen Jordan said...

Mr Mullet seems to agree with both of you on the naked woman front. Yet, why is Mr Mullet so utterly clothed when Ms Naked is so not?

What, pray tell, is a choad? It does sound like a dim-witted toad. Or worse.

"Squis" sounds very much like someone drank the water in Mexico.

Perhaps that is Mr Mullet's problem.