Food Fight!!!!!!!!!

Every year, about 40,000 crazed yet soon to be very happy people converge on Bunol, Spain to have food fight of titan proportions: La Tomatina Festival.

Begun purely by accident in the 1940's by some feisty youngsters, the festival has evolved to a gathering of swimming suit, wedding dress and near underwear clad people who spend a solid hour throwing tomatoes at each other.

Sanctioned mayhem.

Imagine an event in which all of your pent up angst from every year is quickly melted from your body as you turn into human salsa.

Pure unadulterated joy...


bill said...

It's a fake "tradition" recently constructed by the Spanish tourist
industry in order to turn it into "an international tourist destination".

Maybe if Spain looked some miles to the south, in the continent of Africa, they
might find something better to do with their food. Hello? Where is international responsibilty? Yes, we are literally throwing food away by the ton.
Any journalist who
doesn't take a critical approach to this, but writes about it as "wacky fun 'n games!" is nothing but a timeserver.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Ah, good thing I am a mere dotty blogger and not an unscrupulous journalist.