Willie and Bobbie and the Bongs

Lord, I love Willie Nelson. Touring in Louisiana, the tour bus gets pulled over and, " troopers smelled a strong odor of marijuana when the driver opened the bus door." Ya gotta figure, you see a tour bus, ya know Willie's in town, yer gonna find weed.

Troopers found a pound a half of marijuana and 2/10 of a pound of shrooms. Damn! Just about a days worth for the boys!

Says the copy on the story:

"73-year-old Nelson of Spicewood, Texas; 59-year-old Tony Sizemore of Saint Cloud, Fla.; 75-year-old Bobbie Nelson of Briarcliff, Texas; 54-year-old Gates Moore of Austin, Texas; and 50-year-old David Anderson of Dallas, Texas were issued citations for possession of mushrooms and possession of marijuana and released."

Maybe they were just exploring another gasoline alternative????

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