I read the news today.

Oh boy.

Six people are missing in Oregon after they went to cut down a Christmas tree.

Two children still missing in Minnesota.

Cops emptied their guns into a man the day of his wedding
. One re-loaded his automatic in order to keep firing. Even the mayor is pissed off.

A group home caught fire in Missouri and killed ten.

A truck crash in Nebraska killed five.

An eleven-year-old shot to death a twelve-year-old.

The Sudanese government is rearming the feared militia in Darfur and no one is doing a damned thing about it.

A Chinese Aids activists trial has come to a stand still as key defense witnesses are "missing."

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame implicated in assassination of his predecessor.

There is an endless stream of bad news coming from the war-torn Middle East. That happens every day and many people have got to be numb to it by now.

Can I relate how much I don't give a flying fuck about Michael Richards and his apologies?

Or that some people consider peace signs to be anti-troops?

Or that people are shopping more or less than last year?

Give me some good news. Tell me people are still good. Be an Anne Frank for me. I'm feeling more than a little down and discouraged right now.


Ray said...


Well, that could be one less criminal on the streets...

Jim Winter said...

If the DVR schedule is to be believed, Tom Waits will be on The Daily Show tomorrow night.

If that ain't good news, I don't know what is.

Jennifer Jordan said...

"Go straight before you kill yourself," the Sun quoted Dublin police as having told him.

That is damn funny. There may be hope for the world due to sheer stupidity.

Tom Waits on the Daily Show?

That brings me great joy!

Thanks, Jim!

hangarwest/Matthew Bise said...

"The world's going to HELL in a hand basket.." Yet,4 other worlds have in past history & maybe man will over come his pettiness and fears this time,...or maybe not.At least it is good to know there are still caring people out there!

David Terrenoire said...

In the morning after our walk, I let our younger dog off the leash so he can run run run run run and the look of undiluted, uncomplicated joy on his face is the perfect antidote to the news. I highly recommend it.

AnswerGirl said...

Daniel Craig is mighty fine as the new James Bond. And last Friday's blood drive at the Gardiner Lions' Club was standing room only...

Plus, if all else fails, bacon is still delicious.

Anonymous said...

for the past several years there has been a secret santa giving out $100 bills to stranger who look like they need money, like people who work at fast food stores. This year he is sick and finally came forward. Not to get credit or ask for help but to ask people to take his place. he is recieving hundreds of calls from people wanting to help


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

AnswerGirl said...
"Plus, if all else fails, bacon is still delicious."

The healing power of bacon. Mmm, smoky.