World's Not So Finest

Batman, Robin, Superman and Spiderman* (and I, too, wonder what Spidey was doing there. Total Marvel/DC crossover insanity) were travelling to a motor show the tire on the car exploded dramatically.

As their super powers had been nullified by reality, the super group had to be rescued from their true nemesis, embarrassment.

Said “Superman” Paul Wood, “You’d have thought between us we could have picked the car up and flown it away.”

*It sounds like the start of a great joke.


Ali Karim said...

That DC cover looks somewhat Phallic, and behid their masks, hides their Mullets


JD Rhoades said...

Homo-erotic subtext in comics? Who knew?

Ali Karim said...

Dr Fredic Wertham that's who wore a terrific Mullet is memory serves


Kat Richardson said...

Why am I thinking "in Space, no one can see your Mullet"?