The world's top 10 consumers of coffee per capita per year, as of 2003:

1. Finland: 11.4 kg
2. Aruba: 9.2 kg
3. Iceland: 9.1 kg
4. Norway: 9 kg
5. Denmark: 8.1 kg
6. Sweden: 7.9 kg
7. Bermuda: 7.5 kg
8. Switzerland: 7.4 kg
9. Netherlands: 6.8 kg
10. Germany: 6.6 kg

The average American consumes only 4.2 kilograms — more than 9 pounds — of coffee each year.

To help improve those numbers, I've found a few items and links.

A coffee grounds dispenser

Um, coffee magnets!

The Coffee Cup Project - photos of people's favorite mugs from around the world

The Coffee Review

The History of Coffee

Embedded Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee

From Great Big Stuff, a Giant Coffee Cup and Saucer

I Need Coffee
- with information on how to find the best coffee houses to the dangers of the coffee enema.

Alterra Coffee - one of my favorite coffees ever in the whole world

Extreme Coffee

Coffee Art - using coffee as the medium

The Ultimate Coffee Mug

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Jim Winter said...

"The average American consumes only4.2 kilograms — more than 9 pounds — of coffee each year."

Jen, I'm reasonably certain that 8 pounds of that coffee is split between the two of us.

I'm actually going to ditch coffee for a couple of weeks (Medical reasons). You may want to start a "Save Jim's Cat" campaign if my last caffiene fast is anything to judge by.

Ellen Clair Lamb said...

Hmm. Since I buy at least a pound of coffee every two weeks, I consume at least 25 pounds a year and probably more like 30.

So I'm offsetting two Mormons...

JD Rhoades said...

Jen, I'd have expected you to be at least in the top 10.