The Wombat welcomes you to the end of the week.

Jen has a fever and will is not responsible for the oddness of any of the content to be found here until her fever breaks. She has odd cravings for orange soda and potatoes. She's been playing Neopets when she can stand straight enough to walk.

She's a mess.

And she thinks you're swell.


JD Rhoades said...

Remember, Jen, Neil Young wrote "Cinnamon Girl," "Down by the River" and "Cowgirl in the Sand" in one afternnon when he had a fever of 104.

Let fever be your muse.

Stuart MacBride said...

On the other hand it's nice to hear you finally have something to blame the oddness of your blog on.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Oh, yeah! And what's your excuse, smarty beard?!?!?

Makes odd sound like a disease....

I like Dusty. He's inspiring!

Mean to an woman ill with fever! Oh, what a snotcake!

nathan said...

I'm starting a punk rock band just so I can name it Snotcake.

hangarwest@yahoo.com said...

Get Well soon!