Justice, American Style

The Senator Larry Craig debacle has been interesting to watch from a distance. The usual backtracking, flip-flopping and denial one gets used to with politicians. But another element has upped the amusement factor for this HUC narrator, and she can't help but share it with you as she types of herself in the third person.

Craig's loyal daughter, Shea Suzanne Howell appeared on ABC in order to tell the world that her Dad is not gay and that he is a wonderful man. Two GUARDIAN readers watched her outpouring of love. And recognized her.

The sent information late Wednesday to the local sheriff (“You would think the Boise police would go ahead and arrest the “stand up” character witness’s Larry had with him Saturday!”) who verified that Howell has an open warrant.

What will happen next in this ongoing idiocy trifecta, no one knows. Not even the players themselves.

UPDATE: He's resigning. Again.

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Jim Winter said...

Someone said we should sympathize with him because he's been forced to be in the closet for so long and still won't come out.

However, he's slammed his closet doors on too many fingers for me to feel anything but good ol' fashioned schadenfreude.

(OK, I've been looking for an excuse to say "schadenfreude" in public. How's my spelling?)