Sir McMullet

It was always John for me. Always. I thought the man in the white pants and black socks (!) above was a dork before I even knew what a dork was. The round lipped "oooooooo" way of singing, the constant look of surprise. I knew my chain was being yanked by a master. John was just John. Pissed or pissed off, stumbling or dancing, brilliant or tampon on the head. Always just John.

The way that I am just me and you are just you and we are just all together.

Off to bed, I am. Alarm clock to buzz and be smacked all too soon. I have lands to scape and tools to loose.

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Graham Powell said...

My favorite was always Ringo. Like John, he never tried to be anything but himself, but Ringo was always the one who looked on the bright side, who shrugged off trouble with a smile and a laugh.

He was also the "glue guy" who held the Beatles together during their last couple of albums. I have an obsession with supporting players and their contributions; maybe that's why I like him.