"Those Damn Kids!"

This photo was taken in Huntington, WV, about 2 years ago, and is the Washington Ave. Burger king.
I happened to have my camera in my bag and had to drive around the block twice to get this photo.

Even funnier is that after I got the picture, I went home and called them to let them know it was up,
and the lady that answered the phone was nearly silent to the point I thought she’d hung up,
and then she burst out and said “THOSE DAMN KIDS!!”

I nearly fell off my couch laughing, and this is one of the most commented on-photos on my page : )
Anyway, enjoy! (but I don’t recommend the burgers ; )

From Neatorama


Jim Winter said...

I've been to Huntington. What else is there to do there at 2 AM on a Saturday night?

Chris said...


The Mr. Bagel around the corner from me had a sign that read "OUR SMOOTHIES ARE MALICIOUS" for weeks. The scary thing is, I think they put it up that way. There's are not the smoothies to fuck with, I guess...