Busy Body

Things your body can do after you are dead.

That is a crazy big picture for such a small post.

Okay, here is a link to photos of grains of sand!

Cool, yes?


I am making turkey and garbanzo bean soup right now... No idea how it will turn out except that it will be quite warm. And have things in it. Like garbanzo beans. And turkey.

Er, finally loading music on to the new lap top.


How long does soup need to cook?

That long?


Update: it smells quite good in the house and the cats are in turkey comas all over the office.

Updated update: theme from Starsky and Hutch (the series) in my head for no reason I can fathom.

The Updatedest Update: the soup was delightful. Who knew turkey and garbanzo beans could get along so well.

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