CNN = Entertainment Tonight

CNN, ratings whores merely reflecting the bad taste of an ADD afflicted country, kicked Michael Moore off the hour long Larry King Show on Tuesday and will be devoting this time to a more important issue than the health care system that Moore's movie delves into - Paris Hilton's post-jail interview.

Who needs to know what's going on any where in the world when this EVENT OF THE CENTURY is going on?

I learned this from Think Progress. I kinda thought thinking and progress were good.

Much of America seems to disagree.

My forehead now features a large bruise from having been pummeled into my desk over and over and over and over again.


Jim Winter said...

No one has yet satisfactorally answered the one burning question:

Who the fuck is Paris Hilton, and why am I supposed to give a shit?

David Terrenoire said...

She's on the front page of the New York Times today.

The fucking New York motherfucking Times.


On an up note, I heard Michael do a Q&A at last April's Full Frame doc festival and the man is a national treasure.

Anonymous said...

Have to say this has nothing to do with Paris, but says way too much about the state of corporate news in america; they find the lowest common denominator, seed it, feed it amd breed it. And, in the immortal words of that great american haranguer and blogger, Jen-fur Jordon, that fucking sucks! I love joking about it, but damn, it sucks. Forced myself to watch cnn today for ten minutes; had four consecutive stories on why america should live in fear, and then Paris. I'm left blubbering...what the...what the...what the fuck?

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of the mulletheads you mock are the very dis-enfranchised that Michael Moore so champions
Class prejudice much???
But don't worry, henna is still so kewwwwll......