A Veritable Cornucopia of Crap

10 Truly Strange and Icky Psychiatric Treatments of Yore.

Odd Rugs.

Things To Do When You're Dead.

Things To Eat Before That Happens.

10 Ways To Make You Like You More.

100 Most Likely To Not Exist Much Longer Monuments.

Carnies, A Fair View.

Top 10 Questions for the New Management Team of the Hotel Chelsea:

Where's Stanley?
Here’s my portfolio, can I get a room?
Can I stay in Sid’s room?
Where’s the hotel bar?
Did Harry Smith keep a zombie in his room?
Can we go up on the roof?
Do you plan to take down the art?
Can we have a laundry room in the basement?
Do you know who the bloggers are?
Are you going to gut the building?
Can you get the junkie out of my bathroom?
How many people have committed suicide here?
Do I really have to pay my rent now?

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