Monday Mood

Woke up this morning with Elmer Fudd singing David Bowie's "Let's Dance" in my head. Elmer was doing a little dance, sending out a come hither little stare from his bulbous cartoon head, his hunters hat at a rakish angle.

Know that a whole days mood can often be dictated to what I wake up with in my head, I knew that on some level I was fucked. Typing this now, hours later, the mood is not eradicated. The mood of chaos, heated creativity and the bizarrely comical mashed up together into a steaming mass of dream.

Could this be an omen?

A warning?

A sign that my brain really does need a masseuse?

The whole week is packed, with signings, writings, conventionings and drivings, so the chaos theme runs true. But there is an odd Fuddy/Bowie thread running through it all that disturbs me no end.


Anonymous said...

Bowie's hair was big enough in the 80's to rival Elmer Fudd's hat so this makes perfect scene to me. As far as an omen you will be dealing with rascally rabbits but have enough humor to deal.

Anonymous said...

here's what I heard this morning:

Modden wuv makes me sowwy
modden wuv walks on by-ay-ay
shakes my twust in God and Ma-an

Your pal

Scott P.