A Triple Threat Signing

Marcus Sakey (AT THE CITIES EDGE), Sean Chercover (BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD) and I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) will be at the Mystery One Bookstore in Milwaukee, WI on January 29th, 7pm, signing books 'til our hands bleed.

We may read to you.

We may sing to you.

We may dance with you.

You have but to ask.

The three of us, should we survive this appearance, will then head to Love is Murder just outside of Chicago, an outstanding conference for readers, writers and publishers alike. I will be on three panels and promise to imbibe far too much Diet Rockstar Energy Drink before all of them.


Ali Karim said...

Sounds like a swinging night!

Wish I could zip over and share a beer or seven, but my Mullet needs trimming

Have a great one


Sean Chercover said...

Ali! Sorry you can't come to Love Is Murder, but look forward to seeing you at B'con.

Jen - You definitely don't want me to sing. But ply me with a couple a Rockstars and I might do the limbo.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come and cheer you three on. I also wish to have copies signed by you all. I had such a blast with you all during muskego. Have a supper time I will think of you having fun.

Bill Cameron said...

You guys have fun now!

Anonymous said...

I will be bringing my love. I may even treat you like that walrus baby, nudge nudge rub my tummy. You may have to bring a flipper for me to play with. I will harrass everyone I can think of so they go. I may have to get a tape of bringing up baby walrus for them to watch so we can all bring the love and bring it right. And to Sean and Marcus, there may be yarmphf.


Sean Chercover said...

I am so glad you spelled yarmphf correctly.

Can't wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

I want to yarmphf to. You will need to yarmphf for me. That night was so fun. Julie