To Dream the Improbable Dream

"It's not often you have a dream when you're 7 lying in your bed, you get to live your dream out and then someone is going to erect a life-size statue of your creation."

No. No, that doesn't happen too damned often at all.

The dream was that of having the Fonz, a fictional Milwaukee icon, bronzed in statue form, grace downtown Milwaukee by the slimy, brown Milwaukee river, for all to see.

Most, especially those that had raised the money, were happy to hear of this Happy Days character coming to stay. But others were more like the evil Mallachi Brothers, who seemed determined to make the Fonz look a fool.

The statue a "publicity stunt" that perpetuates lowbrow stereotypes about Wisconsin, says Mike Brenner, founder of the Hotcakes Gallery.

"Can we just try to move forward, a little bit?" he said.

Move forward from a childhood in which I received a "Fonzie's Favorites" record for Christmas? An album cover that had a built in stand (not below, left) so that one could set set it up to look upon the visage of the Fonz when ever one chose?

I was rather horrified.

I played the record once to confirm to myself that it was, indeed, very bad. Fonzie's Favorites were not my favorites.

At least I didn't get the Happy Days game. Or any of the other gazillion bits of memorabilia available.

But I am damned amused by the statue.


Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

The Milwaukee River is not brown or slimey. The river in the past ten years or more has become cleaner and cleaner. And wile I may not drink directly from it I would swim in it.

And screw the guy from "Hotcakes" gallery" I love the idea of a Fonz statue in my home town.

Bill Cameron said...

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the indignation of a fellow who founded something called the "Hotcakes Gallery."