Ripped from the headlines!

Thugs use goon bag to bash goths

This caused quite a brow furrowing as I downed my second Diet Rockstar Energy Drink. In the Australian article linked above, the headline was confusing enough. But in the article itself, they refer to the "bag of goon." Well and truly puzzled, I did what I usually do in these situation.

1.) Ask a cat.

That generally, in fact always, doesn't work out terribly well.

2.) Ask Mom.

Ditto for above results.

3.) Phone a friend.

All of them are off somewhere in this frigid weather making a living.

4.) Go to the source.

I emailed an Australian friend, then realized I would have to wait for him to get done with his evening of man-bear frolics with the slight possibility of an answer this evening awaiting me if he did not feel the need to become supine soon after getting home.

5.) Go to Ask.com.

Something most of you would have done immediately. I am not you. I am me and you are you and we are all together. I know I've typed that before but I don't think I can stress the point enough.

So, anyway, I found out what a goon bag was. And I laughed my proverbial ass off.


norby said...

Okay, so I laughed my ass off too.

Goon bag? Where the hell do you come up with a name like that?

Jennifer Jordan said...

I had something soooo much more disgusting in mind.