Ripped From the Headlines

Here they are, in tandem:

Food pantries struggling with shortages while Wall Street Plans $38 Billion of Bonuses as Shareholders Lose

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, if you're curious, this is who the world would vote for for President of the United States.


Jim Winter said...

Ron Paul comes in first and Barak Obama second.

How ironic that seems to be the matchup I could happily vote the loser in and not worry.

Which means it'll be Hillary v. Rudy.

An improvement over the current (lack of) leadership to be sure, but...

Assuming the next one is a two-termer, I'm going to need a major shower come January, 2017.

Graham Powell said...

I don't worry about the next president too much, the frontrunners on either side look like they would be tough enough to do a good job.