What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Went to see Brother with my peeps:




Hamish with didge.

Angus with abundant chest hair and a satisfied smile

Dianne and cherubic admirer

Ruth and Heidi

Laura, Dianne and Drea givin' props to the band

Hamish multi-tasks

The crowd was divergent, representing all creeds, colors and dance styles. One man I saw had mastered some kind of Locomotion meets David Byrne in the big suit moves that strongly motivated his female partner. Others, in accordance with their enthusiasm and lack of balance, simply pogoed. I saw a five-year old boy execute some fantastic break dancing routines as others leaped after errant bubbles.

I got out there and danced when I could. Later, I served as a pillow to a very tired three-year old.

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Anonymous said...

love love love them. Everytime I look at Angus I hear Grover singing 'fuzzy and blue'