Bloop, bloop, bloop

We all have a personal list of foods we should avoid if, say, we'll be taking a long road trip. Of if we plan on getting stuck in an elevator. Or going on a date.

For a sea turtle in a 500,000 litre tank in Weymouth, Dorset, England, put brussel sprouts firmly on that list. After being giving the mini-cabbage as a treat for Christmas, bubbles in the tank caused an alarm to go off causing marine biologist Sarah Leaney to run to the tank thinking it was overflowing.

It was just water splashing on to a sensor from turtle farts.

"Sprouts are a healthy Christmas treat for sea turtles. But they give similar side effects to those experienced by humans."


Kat Richardson said...

That tells me more than I wanted to know about sea turtle digestion. That is to say, the digestive system of sea turtles, not digesting sea turtles....

Anonymous said...

brussel sprots do that to everyone don't they?