My Hero!

Graham Powell was on my radar from the time of the First Great Blog Project. I noticed his name on a subscription of Crimespree we were about to send out as well. His name was spelled wrong. He remained Gramah far longer than he should have but did Graham complain. No!

Graham is dedicated to his cause and his cause is crime fiction. By organizing and maintaining the CrimeSpot, he has made many people's surfing days easier by putting in one place all of the places we like to go throughout the day.

For this and many other things (not the least of which is having the Swedish Chef appear so prominently on his page), Graham deserves to be saluted, canonized and nuzzled.

Thank you, Graham. Long may you post!


Graham Powell said...

Er, well. I'm flattered! And though it may be hard to believe, when I showed the Swedish Chef to the philistines at work, they were unimpressed.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I salute Graham, but I draw the line at nuzzling...for which fact I'm sure he is grateful.