Massive deadlines and I've been smacked hard upside the head by the bad mood fairy. So I'm doing what most tender hearted girls do in this instance: shopping.

The world can wait as I paw through a gazillion things I don't need and racks of things I suddenly feel I can't live without.

If I find my way back here, my mood will no doubt be determined by what's in my shopping bag.


I'm that superficial.


Want to make something of it?


Anonymous said...

I wanna make a day of it you little pissass mood fairy.

AnswerGirl said...

If this site does not cheer you up immensely, you're beyond my help. Happy shopping:


Sandra Ruttan said...

Funny that I posted shopping tips today...

Hell, I'm going to be miserable if I don't have chocolate. I'm that superficial.

David Terrenoire said...

I'm going to be miserable if I don't have benzedrine and a shot at the woman down the hall.

Yeah, I'm that superficial.