Cats in Stuff

Anyone with cats knows that, for some odd reason (a desire to return to the womb), they love to stuff their bodies into the tightest spaces. I have a cat who is quite Rubenesque that enjoys climbing on top of the stove to the tea cabinet where she knocks boxes of tea out until she has a comfortable place to sleep. She is either there, in with the towels or in the bottom drawer of my dresser putting fur all over my clothes.

And we all know, never spend lots of money on a cat condo. Any box (shoe box on up in size) will be like a second home to a cat.

And as for toys; the best and cheapest is an uncooked pasta noodle.

I love my feline babies but it would be nice to go out without clothes covered in fur. I went to the airport to pick up a friend and within seconds of hugging me, he too was coated.
Despite this and the tendency to puke in places your sure to step the next morning as you stumble around in a post sleep stupor, cats are indeed wonderful.

But, damn, are they strange.


MAI said...

just blog surfing and stopped to say the pictures of cats are htsterically wonderful. thanx. Maibxlvkwv

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

All four of my cats are strange, from listening to Harry Connick Jr and purring to biting comic books.

However they act even stranger after we let you babysit.
In a good way of course...

Kat Richardson said...

Are you certain they haven't been biting on purring comic books?

My cat's not as weird as that... umm.... well... OK, that incident with the banana notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

I bought a ton of toys for our cat. The only thing she liked were the pull tabs from milk bottle lids. She played endless kitchen floor hockey with it, scoring goals by batting it under the fridge. She hated closed doors and made you open them by shoving most of the tabs under the door and crying hard enough to break your heart.

Miss that cat.