The 'Ruzzler' Causes a Ruckus.

A flashing electronic road sign on Route 1 Providence Highway in Massachusetts was hacked into by a 'prankster' yesterday and media reaction may be funnier than the sign itself, which was pretty damn funny to one as childish and easily amused as me.

To all who drove by, "PENIS FOR LUNCH" flashed instead of "ROAD CONSTRUCTION AHEAD."

A transportation rep said, "Some people might see it as a joke, but this is a road that is traveled on by families and children and there are some people that don't find it funny."

A penis is serious business, folks.

The local Fox 25 was so mortified by the word "PENIS," they obscured it. Even the Boston Herald referred to "PENIS" as "certain part of the male anatomy." This when there is sooooo very much slang to choose from. May we suggest: bologna pony?

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