Kissing Tile

People who have died in the bathroom:
  • Agamemnon, distinguished hero of Greek mythology during the Trojan War, slain by his wife Clytemnestra alone in a bath, a piece of cloth or a net having first been thrown over him to prevent resistance.
  • Seneca the Younger (ca. 4 BC – AD 65) committed suicide in his bath, according to Tacitus.
  • Elagabalus, Emperor of Rome (203 - 222), murdered by the Praetorian Guard, along with his mother, Julia Soaemias, in the Emperor's latrine, where the pair had gone to hide
  • Arius of Alexandria, founder of Arianism (256 - 336), died of a flux of his bowels, possibly as the result of poisoning
  • Edmund Ironside, King of England (989 - 1016), allegedly stabbed in the bowels while using the toilet
  • James I, King of Scotland (1394 - 1437), murdered while trying to flee through his bathroom into the sewers. A lady-in-waiting, Lady Catherine Douglas, attempted to keep the door closed to protect the King, but the killers smashed down the door and broke her arm.
  • Uesugi Kenshin, Japanese warlord (1530 - 1578), allegedly died while sitting on the toilet
  • Henry III, King of France (1551 - 1589), murdered by a monk while leaving his toilet
  • Arthur Capell, 1st Earl of Essex (1631 - 1683), committed suicide in the Tower of London while sitting on the toilet
  • George II, King of Great Britain and Ireland (1683 - 1760), died of an aortic dissection while using his toilet.
  • Jean-Paul Marat, French Revolutionary (1743 - 1793), stabbed to death by Charlotte Corday in his bathtub
  • Reginald Heber, English bishop and hymn writer (1783 - 1826), died of an apoplectic fit while in his bath
  • Sir John Sparrow David Thompson, Prime Minister of Canada (1845 - 1894), died of a heart attack in the bathtub while visiting with Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle
  • Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Founder of Ahmadiyya religious movement (1835 - 1908), allegdely died of cholera in Lahore in toilet
  • The victims of George Joseph Smith, the "Brides in the Bath Murderer":
    • Beatrice Constance Annie, died 1912
    • Alice Burnham, died 1912
    • Margaret Elizabeth Lofty, died 1914
  • Lupe Vélez, Mexican actress (1908 - 1944), committed suicide with Seconal, found dead on the floor of her bathroom
  • Maria Montez, Dominican actress (1912 - 1951), drowned in her bathtub after presumably suffering a heart attack
  • Tod Browning, American film director (1880 - 1962), died on the floor of friends' bathroom after having had surgery for throat cancer
  • Dorothy Dandridge, American actress (1922 - 1965), of an overdose of Imipramine, in the bathroom of her apartment in New York City
  • Lenny Bruce, American comedian (1925 - 1966), died of a morphine overdose in the bathroom of his home in Beverly Hills, California
  • Evelyn Waugh, English writer (1903 - 1966), died while sitting on the toilet
  • Vivien Leigh, British actress, (1913 - 1967), of tuberculosis, found dead on the floor of her bathroom
  • Charles Chaplin Jr., American actor (1925 - 1968), died of a brain embolism on the floor of his grandmother's bathroom
  • Albert Dekker, American character actor, (1905 - 1968), of auto-asphyxiation in his bathtub
  • Thomas Merton, American Trappist monk and author (1915 – 1968), died by being accidentally electrocuted in his bathtub in a hotel in Bangkok.
  • Judy Garland, American actress and singer (1922 - 1969), died of a drug overdose in the bathroom of her London house
  • Jim Morrison, American singer (1943 - 1971), died in the bathtub of his hotel in Paris, of a heart attack
  • Louis Kahn, Estonian-American architect (1901 - 1974), died of a heart attack in the bathroom of Pennsylvania Station in New York City
  • Elvis Presley, American singer (1935 - 1977), died of a heart attack in the bathroom of his home, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Claude François, French singer (1939 - 1978), died of electrocution from changing a light bulb while taking a bath.
  • Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sid Vicious (1958 - 1978), died of stab wounds to the stomach
  • Walter Martin, American Evangelical minister, (1928 - 1989), died of a stroke while on the toilet.
  • Jack Nance, American actor, (1943 - 1996), died of blunt force trauma to the head, two days after being involved in a brawl, found dead on the floor of his bathroom
  • Don Simpson, American film producer (1943 - 1996), died of a heart attack on the toilet
  • Edmond Safra, international banker (1932- 1999), died in the bathroom of his penthouse apartment in Monte Carlo, Monaco, during a fire
  • Robert Pastorelli, American actor (1954 - 2004), alleged to have been found on the floor of his bathroom, of a heroin overdose
  • Domino Harvey, fashion model turned bounty hunter (1969 - 2005), daughter of actor Lawrence Harvey, found dead in her bathtub from an overdose of fentanyl
  • Eddie Guerrero, professional wrestler, (1967 - 2005), found dead in his hotel bathroom, while brushing his teeth, due to heart failure caused by previous years of steroid abuse.


Sandra Ruttan said...

There's an up side to someone who dies of a heart attack on the toilet.

I don't have to spell that out for EMT's and ME's either. They're the ones that benefit.

JamesO said...

Yeah, but who's going to wipe?

Sandra Ruttan said...

Isn't that what bathmats are for?