"Your life story would be called, 'When Bubble Wrap isn't Enough.'

Kami Andrews, star of such great films as 'Go Fuck Yerself,' 'Throatbangers 3' and who could forget, 'Riveted Rectums' has taken the time and trouble to come up with a list. A list that she describes thusly:

These are just goofy things I have heard from some of you favorite porn stars,
I have also said several of them myself!

Here are a few examples:

"Kiss me, I have morphine in my teeth."

"That actually feels really good, not like the other times when I was moaning. Then I was faking."

"There's no way she's gonna be at the booth in the morning she has a speed problem."
"Are you kidding, at least she'll be up, unlike the alkies."

"Ugly people shouldn't be able to handle food."

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