Tire tracks all across your back, I can see you've had your fun

Tomorrow sees me in New York for the first time in ten years.

At some point today, I will experience the pre-trip "have I packed everything for any bizarre circumstance that could occur" stage which a friend once treated with medicinal amounts of hot saki.

That will go under Important Safetly Tips:

Do NOT drink hot saki before a trip. If you forget something and have to dash through the airport O.J. style, the saki will not like it. The warm cookie Midwest Express offers will seemingly mollify the saki but do NOT be fooled. The turbulence involved with landing will arose the monster with terrible consequence. Have mutliple air sick bags at hand and watch out for small children.

Anyway, I'm not afraid of flying despite a few harrowing flights. I have a fear of forgetting something.

This fear is well founded. I forget things consistently. Mentioned on this blog was an instance of my driving along suddenly wondering if I'd forgotten my keys. As they were in the ignition, this was impossible. Another duh! moment brought to you by a slight case of OCD.

For any who would ask, I am not yet excited about the trip. I'll be excited when I get there, get my stuff stowed and make contact with the city. Until then, I will be a contained freak. A slight manic gleam in my eyes will give me away to the observant. To all others, I will appear calm - perhaps even mildy bored.

I'm bringing my behemoth of a digital camera with me for jaunts around a city I love and miss. No pics of normal tourist stuff. I got over that stage in a night mentioned here a while ago. I take pics of gargbage heaps, people that speak to absent goddesses as they shuffle down the street, graffiti and assorted weirdness. New York provided ample weirdness.

I fit in rather well.

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Fence said...

Enjoy the trip, and your doh moment has been preserved and shared :)