Sunshine On My Shoulder

...gives me sunburn. Big, nasty sunburn. That's what I get for hanging in the garden all day on what was a stunningly beautiful day, yesterday. The birds were singing, the sky was spotted with white, puffy clouds and a blue dragonfly buzzed around looking for tiny, mosquito meals. It was so horribly wonderful, I thought I was in a Disney movie. Until I went inside and saw the color of my skin.


Today and tomorrow I shall be indoors hanging with a three year old pal of mine who, if given his way, will have me listening to massive amounts of U2 as he dances as only a three year old can. He even has a black knit hat that is his official "Edge" hat.

The song in my head for the past few days: Marie, Marie by the Blasters.


Sandra Ruttan said...

When my niece was 3 or 4, her favourite song to sing to was Savage Garden - I want you, I think it was called. You know that tongue-twister song that made them overnight celebrities...

She'd always scream, "swimming with a raincoat" and laugh. Cheap entertainment.

David Terrenoire said...

When Molly was two, her favorite songs in the whole world were Start Me Up by the Stones and Me and the Boys by Bonnie Raitt. I can still hear her singing, "me and da boyz."

For those of us who dance, it is the only pure art form, don't you agree?

Jennifer Jordan said...

Conor sang "Streets Have No Name" and "Stuck in a Moment" all weekend whilst doing the teetering Bono on stage impression. Most suggestions I made were met with, "That's a super dooper idea!" Except naptime. That earned a jutting lower lip and a firm shake of the head.