Loving Him Tender Could Land Them in the Jailhouse Rock


That was the worst post title of all time.

But it had to be done.

The organizers of the Parkes Elvis Festival in the central west of NSW are all shook up. It seems the likeness and name of Elvis Presley have been bought out by a billionaire! This could put a festival of look-a-likes in Heartbreak Hotel if all they have is a curled lip and some hip action with which to emulate their King.

For the more than five thousand people who travel to Parkes to see the pod of impersonators, this could leave them lonesome tonight.

If given his druthers, the unnamed rich dude will do it his way by only allowing Elvis impersonations at a show he hopes to open in, of all places, Las Vegas.

The festival's hard headed woman, Monique Kronk, hopes the festival isn't returned to sender.

"Obviously we'll have to speak to Elvis Presley Enterprises and maybe we can negotiate some sort of license that will cover for the whole festival - festival goers coming - we don't know enough yet about the situation."

Until they know for sure, everyone will have suspicious minds.

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