Of Late

The song in my head: Captain & Tenille, "The Way That I Want To Touch You." This is a vast improvement over "I'm Not Lisa," sung by Jesse Colter, everyone would have to agree.

My favorite words of late in deliberate order:


salubrious (really, an all-time favorite)



My least favorite words in random order:





Current state of mind: happily confused, affectionately warbling

Reading: Still plowing through THE OUTLAW BIBLE OF AMERICAN LITERATURE. With people running in the gamut of Sapphire and Annie Sprinkle, Lenny Bruce and Malcolm X to R. Crumb and Maggie Estep, this book is my mental palette cleanser and I will probably cry when I am done with it. As it is a fucking huge tome, that will not happen any time soon. My other mainstay: Leonard Cohen's BOOK OF LONGING.

Listening: my mainstay while writing of late is Martha Wainwright's self titled debut. Anyone who writes a line like, "Poetry is no place for a heart that's a whore," is going to get a lot of airplay in my office space. When in action mode! Fishbone; TRUTH & SOUL. I've got to thank Eddie C for that one.

Eating: anything mushy. Not eating too damn much.

My favorite image: Baba Yaga

I've been remembering a lot and find myself wanting to reach out to people and give them a psychic smooch on the cheek and a back-cracking hug. I tend to whole up in my cave when my brain is in over drive but when I slow down long enough to look around I realize how lucky I am to have the people I have in my life.*

The world is a scary place and the future is uncertain. But we all have each other. Wow. Does it sound like I should be busting into some sixties tune as I do a whirling dervish with a long fringed vest on?**

*and, no, I'm not just writing that because I'm medicated...

**OK. Maybe it is the meds...


Julie said...

Meds or no meds can I have a hug?

Jennifer Jordan said...

Oh, chick! Of course! Was somebody mean to you??? I'll kick their ass with the steel toed boots, babe!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is particularly freaked out by the words snap crotch, in case anyone ever needs to mess with her